Sunday, July 16, 2006


In a few weeks' time, I will be moving house. Today, I'm going to go through some boxes which I haven't seen since September - I packed the contents away just before I left Libya. I will divide my possessions into three piles - that I want, now. That I want to keep, but I don't need just now. And that which I don't want at all. I have enourmous amounts of stuff, but I'm sentimental. I've got christmas cards from when I was six, programmes from school plays I was in, a photo of my best friend and me, aged five. I found the last birthday card I recieved that was signed "Mum & Dad". There are some things you can't throw away.

But some of it will go into storage. I don't have space for it right now, and even when I move into my flat I doubt there'll be room. Some of it, mostly books, will come with me when I move, and be reread because I haven't touched them for more than a year. I might have to buy some shelves for them, though.

I'm loving Smoosh right now.

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  1. I hope mvoing goes well for you! I'll be moving out in about a year for the first time and I know I'll have SO much to do.
    Going through boxes can be a pain, but I hope it won't take you too long.