Monday, February 09, 2009

fuck you, career

I have several thoughts working their way through my brain (I have to be patient these days, I seem particularly sluggish and slow). Firstly: I really ought to start looking seriously into internships and what-have-you for going into development work. However, a lot of these internships don't want anyone without a MA (or at least due to do one). A lot of masters courses, however, ask for at least six months experience... Anyone see an issue here? Just me? Of course, I could always just pay half my loan to be an unpaid volunteer, but I didn't do that over my gap year for a very simple reason: I can't afford it. Yes, I know you're supposed to raise the money by doing Good Works, but frankly, I haven't got the money to make up the difference when my fundraising falls short (because it will). So I'm having a bit of an issue.

Secondly, and this sort of runs on from the first, I'm thinking I'll volunteer in the UK for the time being, and see what the parents can help me sort out for the summer. However, being so poo I can't afford "r"s, I also need to get a job over the summer... and guess where that thought is headed.

Thirdly, why are mint aeros no longer green inside? This is most upsetting.