Wednesday, August 11, 2010

House move

I have moved in with G. The house is in South East London, which is a change for me - the area is nice, the neighbours friendly (we were invited to the street party for our road within 10 minutes of arriving) and the house is lovely.

Old landlady, who had previously been very nice, turned into a massive pain - wanting me to pay rent until she had someone in (because the house wasn't ready to move in within half an hour of me giving her the keys), get a skip to take rubbish away despite the council being booked for a collection, and to replace the sofa completely despite it being not new.

I got her email detailing exactly what she wanted to claim off the deposit (all of it) at 11 last night, and because she hadn't had a response by 9:30 this morning, she started ringing me. I responded, informing her of what I was definitely not paying (repainting, a £300 new sofa) and what I was more than happy to pay.

Eventually, we worked it out - although she didn't exactly help herself by ringing the new agents several times to complain about me (honestly, I think she was being a bit nuts at this point; the agent certainly seemed to think so). By the end of today, I was absolutely exhausted (scrubbing floors for two hours yesterday did not help, inducing a massive fibro crash yesterday evening and leaving me walking with a stick today) and fighting felt ridiculous.

Hopefully, she's now out of my life. This evening I'm going to watch How To Look Good Naked and then the four girls vs four boys "documentary" on channel four. And blog about it for Feminazery. Evening off. Boys playing football.