Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Object, damn it
I want an objection
You are allowed
I won't bite your head off
I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't want an objection
I wouldn't have bothered to say anything if I didn't care whether you objected or not
In fact, I think I want you to object
With intention
Please object?

I think I shall go mad

1 comment:

  1. a reply as a new wave song.8:06 PM

    it's funny, sometimes, we, as people
    act as ghosts, walking through this waking life
    passing through
    a thousand million other ghosts
    without a trace
    or second thought
    through door and wall and hand and lips
    all leaving no impression
    like invisible footprints
    in the snow
    until you come across someone
    who stains you
    who colors your life
    from white to red
    and suddenly parts of you
    are strangely tangible
    and you can't just go through the motions of life
    your arm or foot
    won't pass through that door, that wall,
    won't slip through that hand
    or those lips
    and from that point on something breaks
    and upong breaking, snaps
    and you want to be real
    for the rest of your life
    you want to be whole and solid and alive
    and you want to find that ghost
    that made you real
    that gave you your color

    i don't know what to say.
    somethings don't come easily when you want to change what you know isn't right
    but then realize,
    who the hell am i?

    who would really want my objection?
    i'm just a ghost.