Friday, July 27, 2007

the buns are home!

and to celebrate, I built them the condo I've been telling them about.

I used an actual outdoor bunny run (they need a roof to stop them getting out and the dog getting in); it used to be outside, but I always wanted them to have a condo - now seemed like the perfect time

The spotty fabric is in fact a fleece throw from primark; I wanted something to cover the carpet and give them a nice soft surface to lie on. The cage is just under 4foot by 5foot.

first spread your floor...


I've put the old base from their last cage in, partly to create something familiar, and partly to give Dorris newspaper to shred! The corner litter tray and hay rack are in there as well.
the tray from the old cage

Then I've put another litter tray at the other end, next to the water bottle (which I tied on with ribbon, but I need a new bottle anyway). This is so they don't pee on the new flooring so much
the condo

I also added the little house from outdoors; they don't seem to interested, but they can always eat it or sit on it
the condo (bunnies not included)

the result:
and we have happy feet

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  1. dusty dusty_REMOVEgrrl@excite.com4:10 AM

    Nice condo!

    Sorry vet school didn't work out, hope something else opens up that you're happier with.