Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ill but not ill enough, apparently

why the fuck can my new doctor not give me an appointment? First it took me three months to register - they want two utility bills. Hello? Student? I don't get utility bills because my electricity is on a fucking meter. So I change my bank, and have to wait until I get two statements through. Then they don't like it because it has my bank's address on it (if she actually read it, it says my name and address in BIG FUCKING LETTERS on it) and they don't like my passport because, well, I have pink hair now and not in my passport. Pu-leeze. Well, they gave in, and I can register. Except I can't get an appointment until next week, but I'm away next week for uni and I need a prescription for my meds. But they don't give emergency appointments.

Sometimes I think they'd turn me away if I had the fucking plague, but then again I don't look ill, so I can't compare. I've been trying to stretch my meds out, and I know it's affecting me, but I don't want to have to go cold turkey (again) while I'm halfway up a sodding mountain in scotland. Because dizzy fits and nausea are not good while I'm in London, let alone the arse end of nowhere. I fucking hate this, I know I can deal with my depression when I'm medicated, but I can't if I've not got the meds taking the edge off. Sodding doctors.

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