Sunday, July 06, 2008

I just put the deposit down on a new flat - a very nice, big, quiet place, next to a park and with a communal garden. It's a decent walk to the shops, but I'd rather walk the dog somewhere green instead. I'm crazy like that.

Well, anyway. I'm moving next weekend. Probably the saturday, although it might be the sunday. or maybe the monday. We just don't know... because my dad's incapable of making a decision. But yes, my minions - who will help me move?

In further news, me and him and Kev and Al went to the Alternative Village Fete on the southbank, and it was good. I petted a duck and G won a book in the tombola. We drank apple juice and listened to the Bollywood Brass Band. And then we went to a wine bar and chilled out. Naturally I didn't charge my camera.

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