Monday, September 13, 2010

Haircut, Haircut, Wedding.

This is G, who I moved in with because I love. This is G shortly before moving.

G decided that the hairy hairy hippy look was no longer for him - he wanted a haircut. I threatened to kick him out if the beard went, so it was agreed that he would have a haircut. He lost his nerve, I made the fatal mistake of saying I was all psyched up and he couldn't do this now. So he did it.



I then decided that if he was going all drastic on me, I would also get my hair cut and go back to my pink, which I'd been missing terribly. Particularly in time for my oldest and dearest friend's wedding.

I modified my graduation dress - namely by lopping off the sleeves and shoulders, and turning it into a halter neck. Then, what with autumn suddenly arriving and it being a church affair, I got a cardigan. Et Voila -


So off G and I toddled to deepest Surrey, and I did a reading while trying not to cry (I sobbed through the vows. I'm a massive wet blanket at weddings, and Ellie's was particularly special). Apparently it was decently done. Simon sang during the signing, and I cried again. Ellie looked stunning and Rich just beamed.


Then we pottered off to the reception, where there was pimms and silly games and then speeches were made by the father of the bride, the best man, and the groom. Rich's speech made me cry (it made Ellie cry too, and Melie had a sniffle as well; I don't know about the rest of the people).

Groom's Speech

There was lots of food after the speeches, and lots of drink, and we all got thrown out into the sunshine to drink more while the people who worked at the venue tidied up for the disco.


The disco was brilliant. Possibly because we were all hammered. Rich and Ellie danced, and it was beautiful - then Rich danced with his mum, and Ellie with the best man and then her brother, and everyone else joined in. At some point - my grasp of time becomes hazy after the dancing started, but it was definitely before we danced the macarena, Ellie threw her bouquet and Melie caught it (and we were all very excited).

E about to throw

She caught the bouquet

Did I mention the bad dancing?

Man Dancing

the traditional wedding bad-dancing disco

Sayaka, Avalon, G and I caught a taxi and the last train home, which tied things off nicely.


Didn't G and I scrub up nicely?

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  1. Yes! You both look teh gorgeouz in that last photo x