Saturday, May 23, 2009

A return of sorts

Dear Blog,
I know I've been ignoring you, and I'm sorry. Oops. Whatever the fuck is wrong with me still hasn't gone away - or even got a name - and through it all I've been trying to do coursework and sit exams and be a normal person and do normal things without ending up in hospital or falling asleep halfway through lectures or forgetting how to spell my own bloody name. The exams and coursework seem to have gone ok, the rest I've failed miserably.

On the upside though, the lovely gang of Femis have started our very own blog, Feminazery , which is steadily getting started, and I have been posting there. I've also finished G's hoodie, and a few other bits and pieces of crochet - while the ever-lovely Metalouise taught me to knit a little. I have needles and wool now - needles thanks to MsKitton - and am planning on doing some more practice now exams are over.

And now, it's photo time. Because you all need to see the cuteness that is the foal Indigo tried to befriend last week - poor wee thing was a bit scared at first, but was getting more confident - enough to sniff Indigo, which freaked him out, so he ran away.
And some more Indigo pictures:

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